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How to become a Falconer

Falconry is a 365 day a year commitment. During the hunting season it requires at least 2 hours a day, more if travel time is added. Finding property to fly on seems to be one of the growing problems associated with this sport. So lets say that you have the time and area to fly a bird where to now? Well hitting the WEB is one way but the best is to find a local falconer. Persistence is the key to becoming a Falconer. There are many ways to locate a practicing Falconer, but the easiest way is to contact your local Fish and Game Department and ask if they have a Falconry packet. This packet usually contains State and Federal laws pertaining to the sport. Some sates also supply falconer names in this type of packet. Once you get a name it's time to try and contact that person.

If you are lucky the first one you talk with will be willing to let you tag along and get a first hand look at what Falconry is all about. It is usually best if you can tag along as often as possible, in this way you will get a chance to meet other Falconers in the area. Respect is the most important thing to remember not only to the Falconer but to the bird as well. If you are unsure of what the Falconer wants, ASK! This time spent out showing your interest will pay off when it comes time to look for a Sponsor. Finding someone to sponsor you will be the hardest part of becoming a Falconer. You must understand what a responsibility it is for someone to take on an Apprentice and most potential Sponsors will be quite hesitant in doing so. This is where persistence will usually pay off. Take your time, there is no hurry in becoming a licensed Falconer. For most this is a lifetime commitment.