Who is the "D" behind



I live in a small cottage along the North coast of California deep in the heart of the Redwood forest. I share my home with my dog and about 30 chickens.

I moved to the North Coast to attend Humboldt State University in 1989, where I earned my BS degree in Environmental Biology. I have done many field studies working with Red-Legged Frogs as well as field work with the Northern Spotted Owl. Though my education is in Biology, I make a living in the retail market. I operate a full line pet supply store that does both internet sales and in-store sales.

When not working, the majority of my time is spent hunting with and training birds of prey. I have been a licensed falconer since 1983 and currently maintain my Master Level Falconers license. I have flown many species over the years, including Peregrine Falcons, Red Tailed Hawks, Cooper’s Hawks, Sharp-Shins, North American Harris’ Hawks, Peruvian Harris' Hawks, Merlins and Prairie Falcons.

I also have a small collection of softbills, small hookbills, and Dart Frogs, which I truly enjoy working with and breeding. I have hopes to expand my collection of softbills and work with a few species that are on my bucket list

I also have a stong background in working with and training native wildlife. For many years I was the Education Team Leader for a southern California wildlife rehab and education center. I trained many of the animals that were used for our educational presentations that were put on at various schools, events, campgrounds and fairs.

Those animals that I worked with included, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Grey Fox, Coyote, Wolf, Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk, Raven, Scrub Jay, Kestrel, Red Tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Barn Owl, and Great Horned Owl. In addition to these animals that were used for education the center was also a very active rescue and rehabilitation center where I had the opportunity to work with most native species at one time or another.