My Birding Page

Dan's Birding Page

I became interested in birding when I took Ornithology at Humboldt State University. Up until this time I had never given bird watching much thought. Once I was exposed to the activity I found it to be very rewarding. When not flying hawks and falcons I can be found out and about birding. I am very lucky to live in an area that many birders travel to just to see the diversity that the North Coast has to offer. At times I forget how special this area is. Minutes from my house is the world renowned Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, this Mecca for Bird Watchers is a wonderful place to see a great sampling of our local bird life.

In addition to going out and looking for birds I also have a feeding station set up in my front yard. This is very popular with many species of seed eating birds, and with the addition of the water feature I also attract numerous species that one would not normally get to see. I have hopes of adding a picture page of birds at my feeders but for now all I have is my My Bird List with those birds seen at my feeders indicated by the red asterisk