Coops, Pens & Incubators

Coops, Pens, and Incubators

Summer 2008 I started the revision of my caging and housing facilities. What I thought would be a week long project took closer to 2 months. I started this project August 2nd (my 42nd Birthday) with the help of my father. What follows is a photo set showing the progress from start to end, though I have aleady run out of room and am adding 5 new pens in April 09.

The Metal barn is a Carport that measures 24 feet long by 12 feet wide. It is a little over 8 feet tall in the center. The walls are only 6 feet tall, but as I am short, they didn't need to be any taller. I ordered this metal building with complete sides and back but had the front left open so I could add my own wooden front.

The outside pens are approx. 5 x 8 and 6 foot high. There is a slight slope to help with drainage. One of the outside pens on the right side is a double wide pen measuring about 9.5 by 8 feet long. This will house the main Sebright flock. The metal panels between the pens are there to help lessen aggression between neighboring males.

The inside pens are roughly 4 feet deep and 5 feet wide. There are perches and nest boxes made from Rubbermaid totes. There is a 4 foot wide walkway down the middle. Feeding is done from this interior section. An automatic water system and electricity will also be a permanent fixture.

What the pens and area looked like before

The back of the new "barn"

Framing in the front or the barn

Siding up, door location and windows in

Attaching the studs to the building

Framing in the outside runs

Framed, painted and wire going up

Elevated look down on the new pens

Roofed, wired, and birds installed. These are the Sebrights

Another look down on the pens. The black birds are Araucana Bantams

Inside to the right of the door. The indoor pens with nest boxes

An individual inside pen

A sketch of the layout of the barn