Araucana Bantams

Araucana Bantams

Redwood Forest Bantams no longer raises Araucanas

My interest in Araucanas goes back to the late 70ís when I obtained my first large fowl Araucanas. I was intrigued with these funny looking fowl from the start, but their unique genetic problems and low fertility made them very frustrating for me.

Now that I am back into raising and exhibiting poultry, I am once again working with this unique breed of fowl. Only this time I am working with the Bantams in both Black and Blue colors.

Developing my own flock I have added many different lines to my flock, Brunson, Waters, Reeder, Porto and Utterback blood is present in my flock.

The breed doesnít normally place well in large shows, as there are not many being shown. This appears to be changing as more and more people are becoming interested in the breed. Currently the Araucana Club of America is very active and has a great group of folks involved in it.